Got a Second or Two?

Guess what?  Mingus’ exhibit has been extended for a second encore.  So, relax, now you don’t have to shake your tail feather and rush.  So, if you’re in New York the next couple weeks, here’s your chance.  You’ve got until May 9th.



MARCH 19 – May 9, 2009

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel is welcoming Charles Mingus III.

The “Human Condition” is reflective art in real time as a collection of digital prints composed from impulses; that mental stuff zipping around in all our heads like bits of psychological soup or any number of the multitude appropriate metaphors of inside-outside colliding vectors of mass communication and personal communication. These works are printed on paper, and as a result contain some surprises, delivering crackling artifacts of our culture as well as fresh bases of positive new myth and iconography.


In the last post, “Preview” I asked the question, “ has anyone successfully constructed a homemade de-roller to tame the curl in your prints?“.  Well, I immediately received a call  from marvelous Marv Miller, photographer and educator extraordinaire, telling me a colleague and he  worked their tushies off to create their version of the bienfancg de-roller.  Marv has graciously invited me to see for myself, so I am going over to kick a few tires, look under the hood and give it a test drive.  I’ll report back as soon as I can.

At this time I am pleased to present this week’s artist.  She is Stefanie Atkinson, a New Yawker by trade ( you have to work at living in the big apple), but now lives in northern California as a triumphant photographer and active mom.  Take a gander at her portfolio.  I promise that you will be wowed.


As alway, thanks for dropping by.  Jai Jen

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