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The One That Got Away

Shawn “Barney” Barron is a popular pro surfer who lives in Santa Cruz.  He has created art, not only on the crest of waves, but also on stretched canvas.  First up is a self-portrait painted while Barney was in high school.  Now 40, his art is literally stuffed in corners, stacked on shelves and hung on walls of his Westside home.  I got an opportunity to meet Barney in March of this year.  He conducted a walk-through of his home/studio pulling art out of thin air.  Barney and I were poised to work together, but his sponsor, VOLCOM, nixed the venture.  That is fine for the time being.  I am very patient.  Barney expressed extreme regret but added he would like to attend one of my receptions.  I liked Barney a lot.  He is one very “cool” human being.


Back To The Future And Back

I am sorry I didn’t post this sooner.  What are the odds that you might be in the mood to join Ana Conda, Dean Disaster, Dam Dyke et al.  in a reading of Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL?   Come to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco and step into… who knows what.  Odds are, you will see me there.  Hey, I hope supervisor Eric Mar dresses for the occasion. And the beat goes on.